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The Ultimate DIY Macro Guide!

I am SO EXCITED because after years of putting all of my certifications, education, research and experience as a coach with hundreds of women together, my DIY Everything guide to macros is HERE!!!!!!!!  

I have never ever offered one time macro assessments because it typically sets clients up for failure: How do you know how to adjust your macros? How do you know when? How do you know when it's time for a diet break? How do you know how to even find your OWN macros or how to adjust them back up to maintenance after your weight loss?!?  

Well, no more worries about ALL of that because it is ALL explained in my "The Ultimate DIY Guide to Macros"!

Your guide to 

  • -calulations of starting calorie deficit & macros for initial weight loss, 
  • -calculations for carb cycling for additional weight loss,
  • -calculations for diet breaks for continued weight loss in a calorie deficit, 
  • -and calculations for reverse dieting into maintenance calories to sustained weightloss!

Essentially having a coach in your back pocket!

I know that not everyone can afford a coach, or wants to go about trying macros on their own so I created this fool-proof guide to navigating adjusting macros on your own!

Table of Contents: 73 pages full of

  • Intro about your coach/qualifications
  • Basics 101
  • Mindset Hacks & Routines for sustained progress
  • Nutrition & Macros: protein, fat, carb uses in the body and why each macro is important
  • Calculating your own calorie deficit and deficit macros with an example
  • Basic macro tracking/MFP tracking information, tips and how to's
  • Nutrition Label breakdown
  • How to calculate alcohol macros and how it's broken down in our bodies
  • Examples of how to create meals
  • How to adjust macros after a few weeks if needed
  • What is carb cycling, why it may be beneficial and how to calcluate yours
  • Side effects of chronic dieting
  • What is a diet break, how it can be used to maximize a weight loss period and how to calculate your diet break calories and macros.
  • What is a "reverse diet", why it is important for everyone to use after dieting and how to calculate yours to get back to maintenance calories to MAINTAN your weight loss!

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This is the steal of a lifetime. I've never seen any book like this with clear cut instructions and easy to plug in formula's.

Purchase today to save $$ and get started on your OWN macro journey, adusting and progressing every month!

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